Better late than never?

Well, I’m not quite at the beginning of my MBA journey, even though it’s only been about four months (!!) since I decided to go for bschool in the first place (I can’t believe I made this life-changing decision only four months ago and how fast everything has moved since then!). My GMATs are done and I’ve pretty much chosen the schools I’m planning on applying to. But, I like blogging, and I figure I could add to the very little material out there about doing non-profit work and getting an MBA. So…better late than never, right?

Come back for stats, strategies and stories. And sex, violence and intrigue. Well, not violence (hopefully), and not sex (sadly)–but intrigue, yes, as I wait to find out what schools decide to admit a very strange and unlikely candidate (me).

Big head nod to the guy behind — love the blog and appreciate the insights.


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