The stats


No one likes to be reduced to a set of numbers, but let’s face it…we can’t get enough of them. So here’s mine:

GMAT: 730 (I’ll cover my studying saga in a later post)

Undergrad GPA: 3.4 from an Ivy; humanities major, only a couple math courses (did get A’s in them, though)

Work experience: 7 years in marketing/communications at think tanks and universities (might sound okay, but in all this time I haven’t even fully broken into middle management. I’ll go over that in a later post, too).

Personal stats: 30, female, Asian American

As for other aspects of my applications, my recs will be good, but probably not unique. My essays/career goals will definitely be memorable…maybe too memorable. I’m definitely a nontraditional applicant! Will be back with more later…


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