Profiled by Interview invites

accepted.comI was so happy to be profiled by Sarah at blog last week! I had a great time answering her questions. The most personally helpful thing I get out of blogging is that it prompts me to do a huge amount of self-reflection, and that really helps me solidify my story and reaffirms why I decided to get my MBA in the first place. Check out my full interview here. Thanks, Sarah!

On the application front, I’ve received interview invites from Kellogg and Anderson and have scheduled both for the next few upcoming weeks (yay!). I know that Stanford just began sending out invites today and Berkeley will start sending theirs out on Friday. GSB and Haas are the most competitive schools I’ve applied to, so I’m excited to see what they think of me! Unless they don’t think much. Then I’ll be sad 😦 But, really, I am very curious to see if I get interview invites from either of those schools.

I have been crazy busy with other projects lately and have seriously been neglecting this whole bschool process. I haven’t even begun looking into sample interview questions or things like what to wear and stuff. I’ve got a lot of preparation ahead of me!


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