Kellogg Interview Recap

Northwestern Kellogg

I recently completed my interview for Northwestern Kellogg. I interviewed with a super nice and friendly Kellogg alum in SoCal. The interview was pleasant and casual; my interviewer was even friendly enough to send me an email beforehand to let me know that dressing formally was unnecessary, so I left the full suit at home and wore nice trousers and a sweater.

We met at a coffee house (a chain); it was my pick since my interviewer was new to the area and I knew the lay of the land more. I was initially pretty nervous about picking a spot: Was I supposed to pick a cool/hip place? A quiet/classy spot? Was my pick going to unduly influence my interviewer’s opinion of me? I went with a middle-of-the-road reliable pick, and it turned out to be fine. I was definitely being unnecessarily anxious about the whole thing.

To prepare, I reread my Kellogg essays over and over again. I also formulated basic answers to questions posted by users in Clear Admit’s interview reports. My interviewer only saw my resume before we met; nothing in the rest of my application. But in the end, I really just relied on what I wrote in my essays and all the self-reflection I’ve done so far. I didn’t get any surprise questions or anything out of left field.

Questions I was asked/topics we covered:

  • Why an MBA/Why Kellogg? (of course)
  • Past leadership experiences/leadership style
  • My proudest accomplishment
  • Why I chose to work for the jobs I had/What I learned from each job
  • What I want to do after business school
  • What I will bring to Kellogg
  • A time I experienced a failure
  • What clubs/extracurriculars I’d like to participate in at Kellogg

When it came time for me to ask questions, I asked about how Kellogg organizes recruitment with companies. At an info session awhile ago, I was interested to learn that Haas uses a bidding system so students can secure an interview with a company they’d really like to work for. I found out that Kellogg does a half/half kind of system, where half the slots are reserved for bidding by students and half the slots are filled by companies based on applicants’ resumes. Sadly, the entire process is generally irrelevant to me since nonprofits don’t really go through such formal and seasonal recruiting processes. It’s all still good to know, though.

Overall I had a great experience. The alum I spoke with really emphasized Kellogg’s collaborative and student-centered culture, which sounds fantastic. I would definitely love a chance to attend Kellogg! Round 1 decisions are released on December 18, so here’s hoping.


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