Yale SOM: Waitlisted


I am really, really, really disappointed to say that I’ve been waitlisted at Yale SOM. I’m surprised, yet unsurprised. I can’t help thinking that if I’d done better on that video interview and hadn’t been almost late for my in-person interview that I may have been straight out admitted. But then again, maybe not. Who knows?

Waitlisting is weird. On one hand you think, “At least I wasn’t straight out denied!” On the other hand, it’s not like there’s anything to celebrate, either. It’s like…nothingness. There’s a completely unknown chance of being admitted NEXT SUMMER (Yale doesn’t release numbers on how many people get off the waitlist in past years) and meanwhile, the rest of the world will keep on turning and you’ll get responses from other schools. There’s not really a point in holding your breath for that long…at least in my opinion. And I’ve already interviewed in person and submitted what I can. I don’t foresee any major changes coming up for me that would sway a decision. Except that I was named employee of the month at my organization last month…I’m sure that will get me in!! Sorry, the sarcasm is leaking out.

I’m counting this one as a ding in my mind. Partially because there’s no point for me to obsess over it and partially because I don’t really like feeling like a last pick. Probably dumb and overly prideful, but if I did get admitted, I’d feel like I was the last pick in gym class when the captains take turn to create their dodgeball teams. Like–I still have one slot to fill, and there’s just this person left, so…I guess it’s her! That’s a completely inaccurate analogy, of course, because there’s still hundreds of others who weren’t waitlisted at all. It’s also inaccurate because I was always the first girl to be picked when we played dodgeball in gym in elementary school. But it’s apt in that I’d be the last choice among a pool. A pool of amazing and awesome people, of course, but still last.

This kind of brings me to the idea of reapplying to bschools. While I don’t think my age should be counted against me in my apps, I am not entertaining any possibility of reapplying for schools next year. But I’m not off to a good start, here–I’ve got official dings from GSB and SOM and I’m now 99% sure I’ll have a ding from Haas. I originally only had Cornell and USC lined up for round 2, but I’m getting nervous now, and I may have to rethink that plan. None of the schools I’m applying to are even close to a sure thing, so I might start thinking about adding a real “safety” school.


18 thoughts on “Yale SOM: Waitlisted

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog recently and I’ve been following your experience. I applied to Haas and SOM Round 1 and I got waitlisted by Yale too. No word from Haas. I agree that the waitlist from Yale really feels more like a rejection. Next summer?! You’ve got to be kidding me. I wish you all the best and I hope that things will turn around for the both of us soon!

  2. Hey sorry to hear about the waitlist. Better than being dinged for sure. Also don’t worry about being the last pick. Had quite a few comments from current b-school students that the some of the nicest and most incredible people come from the waitlist.

    As for next summer, I know what you mean. At the start of the process I couldn’t contemplate waiting another year and re-applying. Now I realised that if I am dinged from all my schools I would much rather re-apply and get an admit from somewhere I really want to attend than apply to a safety school that I am not super keen about.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. You could be right about that…I have the impression that getting the most out of bschool really depends on your level of enthusiasm, so going to a safety might not be a great idea. But man…I *so* wouldn’t want to go through this whole process again next year and reapply! I should think about it more, though.

    • I thought so, too =/ This is also making me rethink everything, really…if there’s a school out there that would be sympathetic to my career goals, it seems like it would be Yale! But I guess not, so I’m now not feeling too optimistic about the rest of my apps.

  3. Dont worry about the WL. If it works out, you’ll have exactly the same opportunity as someone who was admitted outright. Just focus on the rest of your applications+what you can do to get off the WL @ YSOM.

    Good luck!

  4. I was waitlisted by Kellogg & Duke last year, so I absolutely understand how you feel! But like everyone said, it’s not over until summer is over. There’s still chance, and you just have to be optimistic about the whole process. I’m sure whether you were waitlisted or not will matter to other people once you’re in Bschool so don’t torture yourself about it.

    I think applying to more schools in R2 is a prudent move. No harm in casting a wider net!

  5. I feel your pain with respect to waitlist (although the LBS list seems different than SOM). This is, however, a chance to take the blinders that come with falling in love with a school off, and research other programs. I’m diving into that more and more.

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  11. Hi I stumbled on your blog, and just got WL. Feeling surprised but unsurprised as you felt, but overall very depressed.. Was wondering if I could ask you some questions on the process?

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