I’m going to change the name of this blog to “How to get waitlisted for bschool” [Kellogg waitlist]

ImageIf any of you participate in any bschool forums, you probably know that I have more updates than this, but lots of things have happened in the past couple days and I’m just going to go through them one by one.

Kellogg released round 1 decisions a couple days ago. I eyed my phone all day and watched my fellow applicants share their great news when they were admitted. As the hours passed, I felt the same slow sense of doom creep up on me I had the day Yale released decisions. I also fully came to terms with the fact that I ABSOLUTELY had to add more apps to round 2…and complete them in the next two weeks.

It turned out I was waitlisted. Again. I wasn’t even surprised when I logged in to discover that decision. I kind of think I’m a prime candidate for waitlisting. I can clearly imagine what’s going on in adcom members’ minds as they review my file: “Wow, interesting profile. Qualifying stats. Admirable career goals to help…animals…I’m sure she’d be an asset to bschool…somewhere…”

As the waitlist letters say, the schools are “interested” in me. I’m trying to do something that probably hasn’t been done before, so that’s “interesting.” But…it also makes me risky. So I think the schools are kind of throwing me a bone–“Good for her!”–but don’t fully believe in the real potential of my case, which I can understand.

I was pretty disappointed. I was 0 for 3–one ding and two waitlist decisions. And I had always loved Northwestern. But I decided to add Ross and Fuqua to my list for round 2 (and thanks to all of you who gave me your input on my last post!). I’m attracted to both of those schools for various reasons that I’ll cover in a future post.