UCLA Anderson: I’m IN! With MONEY!!

ImageI’m officially going to business school next year!

I wasn’t expecting to get a decision from Anderson until Friday, but I was sent an email around 3 a.m. on Thursday morning telling me that my decision was available online. I didn’t even bother checking my email until the late afternoon on Thursday (I’m already on vacation for the winter holiday), and when I saw the email my heart sank. I thought it was a ding since I had not received a phone call and the tone of the email was really cold and noncommittal.

I ran to my computer and logged in and was soooo relieved when I saw it was an offer letter! After the second waitlist decision I just got from Kellogg, I was really unsure of my MBA future. It was really gratifying to have one solid admit under my belt.

Then I received a second email that informed me that I had been awarded a $40,000 Forte Merit Fellowship. I was STUNNED. 40k is an insanely huge amount of money for me–I felt like I had somehow won the lottery. And as an extra bonus, I really respect the Forte Foundation and believe in its mission. I attended a recent Forte Forum and have been keeping an eye on their activities for awhile. I had already decided in my mind that I would become more involved in the organization and contribute in whatever way I can, so being a Forte Fellow would just be perfect.

Getting a 40k scholarship is a huge boon, but I’m a woman who likes options, so I’m not making any decisions or stopping my efforts yet. But–I did decide to no longer apply to USC. Even if USC somehow offered me a full ride or something crazy like that, I wouldn’t choose Marshall over Anderson. So I still have to wait to hear from Cornell (early February) and UMich and Duke (mid-March). I have a really busy upcoming two weeks before round 2 deadlines, so you probably won’t be hearing again from me until 2014.

Have a wonderful holiday season and happy new year, everyone!


10 thoughts on “UCLA Anderson: I’m IN! With MONEY!!

  1. Congrats congrats congrats congrats!! UCLA is an amazing school, and getting a $40K merit fellowship is an amazing achievement.

    Enjoy your break! I hope you knock your next set of apps out of the park!

  2. Congrats !!! I really loved Anserson when I visited the school a year ago and the Forte fellowship is a great achievement too 🙂

    Hope you get many more offers to choose from. Good luck with your round 2 applications and have a wonderful holiday season.

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