McDonald’s is planning on purchasing sustainable beef in 2016

McDonald's Big MacColor me impressed. Very impressed!

Sure, 2016 is kind of far away, and McDonald’s is only going to “start” purchasing sustainable beef then, but this is huge! I’m sure there’s a lot of technicalities here that people who know more than me can legitimately complain about…like what exactly counts as “sustainable”…and if it’s even possible for beef to BE “sustainable”…but still.

You see, I’m not a true idealist…I’m a realistic idealist. I am well aware that compromises must be made, and if we refuse to bend and be flexible, we won’t be able to get anywhere. And although I admire those purists who advocate for and passionately pursue their beliefs, I think we need to get there in steps. Baby steps.

I also believe that making change via corporate practice is where the most impact can be made. And although some would call me a sellout or a cynic, I still believe that someone likeĀ Michele Banik-Rake (Director of Sustainability at McDonald’s) has more ability to make a substantive change to better the world than many nonprofit organizations in their entirety. By the way, did you know that McDonald’s has an “Animal Health & Welfare Team” that includes Temple Grandin? Who knew?


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