UCLA Anderson admit packet + Ross interview invite

photo (1)I received my admit packet in the mail from UCLA Anderson a couple days ago. I had completely forgotten about the whole snail mail aspect of admissions, and it was surprisingly gratifying to hold something solid in my hands that said “Congratulations!” on it. I love digital, but there’s still a lot to miss about print.

The letter included a short handwritten note from Assistant Dean Alex Lawrence that referenced content in my application essay, which was  a very nice personal touch. And check out that awesome smiley face–I’m a fan of smileys 🙂

I’ve also received congratulatory messages from current students and have been set up with my first year buddy, who I will be speaking with soon. Altogether I’ve been feeling very welcomed and supported by Anderson, which is great. Preview Day for admits is at the end of February, and I will definitely be in attendance.

In other (exciting) news, I received an interview invite from Ross and have already scheduled my off-campus interview with an alum in my city. I’ve heard a bit about the group exercise Ross does for interviews, but since I’ll be doing mine off campus I won’t be participating. It’s going to be a very busy upcoming 3-4 weeks!


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