Things I want to do in Ithaca


Camo pant suits: The Next Big Thing

My trip to Ithaca to interview for admission to Johnson is coming up fast. I’m suddenly being faced with a lot of new questions, like:

  • My one pair of winter gloves are now 8 years old and have a big hole in the thumb. It’s basically a thumb-less mitten. Should I buy a new pair just for this trip? Is it worth it? My hands won’t get that cold, right? Right?
  • What kind of business clothes do women wear in 12 degree weather? Pumps and skirts are out of the question…does someone make all-terrain business wear? Should I start a company that specializes in that? Camo pantsuits…hmm. Damn, Stephen Colbert and Brooks Brothers already beat me to it. There goes my million dollar idea.
  • Are farmers markets held in winter in Ithaca? (The answer is yes).
  • Is there a way I can see waterfalls and gorges in January without freezing my ass off? (The answer to this one is also “yes”–TripAdvisor says I can view Ithaca Falls from the safety of my car.)
  • Will my cheap hotel room be haunted by a ghost? Just kidding, I don’t believe in ghosts. Or do I…

Aside from visiting the Ithaca farmers market and waterfalls (which I’m told are an absolute must), a few other items I’m thinking about doing are:

  • Explore the Cornell campus as much as possible (I’ve never been, but I’ve always heard that it’s crazy beautiful)
  • The Johnson Museum of Art has also been strongly suggested to me. I’m not a big museum person, but if I can’t take the cold I might find myself wandering through here to relax and recuperate (free admission!)
  • Eat somewhere in the Commons (Moosewood, maybe?).

In the end, though, I might just be too anxious about my interview and/or too wussy to brave the cold to get these things done. I won’t be there for very long, so we’ll see what I’ll be able to fit in!

I’ve been contacting Johnson student ambassadors to learn more about the program, and, hands down, they have given me the best impression all around compared to student ambassadors I’ve spoken with at other schools. First of all, they all responded to me (and promptly), and second, they all gave me very thoughtful, thorough and honest responses. And by “honest” responses, I mean their messages did not solely consist of, “Johnson is the BEST! It’s perfect for you! Whatever your desires are, Johnson can fulfill them better than all the other business schools out there!” I mean, I completely understand why they sound like this (they are ambassadors, after all), but it was actually nice to hear a student share some challenges s/he was facing. Paradoxically, it made me feel better about Cornell.


8 thoughts on “Things I want to do in Ithaca

  1. A someone who has to live in cold climates here my advice to your questions.
    Buy gloves. Cold hands are horrible. It will be the best £10 dollars you spend. Buy a scarf.
    You Can wear skirts and dresses in the weather. Get either a wrap can double as a scarf and a shawl when your indoors. Or go the caridgean. For your legs invest in some wolly tights/ hold ups etc. keep you warm and look professional.
    Think about shoes. If it’s snowing your going to want some decent shoes. Go with your hiking boots or wellies. Bring a pair of shoes to wear in doors. Yes your bag will have to be big enough for your heels.

    Good luck

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  3. Go to the Dairy Factory and buy ice cream! Cornell makes their own and apparently it’s ‘too good’ to sell (too much fat content). Something worth to be tried once!

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