Johnson interview [Hello, Ithaca!]

Johnson AtriumI completed my interview at Johnson, and it was an overall wonderful experience. Maybe it’s because Ithaca is in the middle of nowhere and basically everyone is traveling a good distance in order to interview on campus, but I felt very much cared for (almost coddled) during the entire time I was there by both adcom and the students, which was very nice 🙂

It hit a low of 12 degrees during my stay, but it wasn’t too bad. I grew up in super cold weather, so I wasn’t too put off by it. But this trip did have at least one “first-ever” for me: I brushed snow off my car for the first time in my life. I did brush snow off my parents’ cars when I was a kid, but I did it for fun (why is everything fun when you’re a kid??). When I woke up after my first night in Ithaca and went to my car in the morning, I stopped in my tracks when I saw it. I seriously had a moment of real confusion: “What? Is that snow on my car? Where did it come from???” The rental didn’t come with an ice scraper, so I ended up using my gloved hand to clear my windows…and I laughed at myself the entire time.

Anyway, January is probably the worst time to visit Ithaca, but I could still see the charm of the town. I did not get nearly as much stuff done as I wanted to, but that’s okay. I did get to check out Ithaca Falls, which was so very cool to see all frozen and full of huge icicles. And I was wrong–there is immediate access to pho in Ithaca at Saigon Kitchen, and it was pretty damn good!

Johnson students continued to impress me during my visit. I was able to form (what I felt were) actual bonds with some I spoke with, which is much more than I’ve experienced with students at other schools. I think my interview went fine–the questions were all pretty typical and expected. Regular prep (resume walk through, career goals, why MBA, why Johnson, leadership experiences) will help you with this one. My interview was with yet another amazing and sincere second year student. Altogether, and maybe for the first time, I experienced what all adcom members love to talk about: Fit. The fit was there.

It’s pretty nerve-racking to say (write) that out loud, really. I haven’t even been admitted yet…and with my scholarship offer from Anderson, I’d need more than just an admit to make enrolling a viable option. And competition is fierce. Decisions are scheduled to come out next Wednesday (Feb 5), but from what adcom folks have been saying it seems like it’s not a 100% guarantee they’ll make that deadline. It seems like the insane cold created a bit of delay in the process. I think they probably will make Feb 5, though, and if not, it will be pretty close.

I also sat in on a Sustainable Global Enterprise course while I was there, and it was amazing. It totally took me back to my college liberal arts days with a lot of theoretical discussion, critical thinking and weighing various social impact factors. The professor also struck me as both enthusiastic and entertaining.

I’m kind of sad that I need to stay anonymous right now, actually, because I’d love to publicly thank the Johnson students I talked to in person, on the phone and over email. I’m not sure if I just lucked out with those of you I ended up meeting, but you guys are pretty great.


8 thoughts on “Johnson interview [Hello, Ithaca!]

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  2. Johnson is amazing. I visited the school last Fall for their Women in Business Event, I loved it. I had a chance to attend Sage Social, and attend a finance and statistic course. I plan on applying for their Diversity Weekend event. Johnson Means Business.

  3. You sound like you really like Johnson! Good for you! Have you heard from Fuqua yet? I applied there in Round 2 as well and have not gotten an interview invite. I know that their interview invites go out by Feb 6, so I’m getting nervous. I haven’t found any information online about whether any invites have gone out yet. Have you heard anything?!

    • I’ve become a big Johnson fan!

      I don’t think you need to worry about Fuqua yet. I think they made it pretty clear that all invites will be sent on feb 6. So if we don’t hear anything on Thursday, then we can be disappointed!

      • Hey, I didn’t get an interview with Fuqua either. I am pretty disappointed. You already have two admits so it doesn’t really matter for you, I think? I was really counting on it and I thought that of the five schools I applied to, Duke would be the one most likely to accept me, and I didn’t even get an interview. Which is so frustrating! All of this is such a crapshoot. I have an interview at Darden next week so I’m trying to stay positive, though. Anyway, congrats again on Johnson!

  4. Ah, I only figured that out yesterday–that all invites will be sent on Feb 6. I thought that invitations are going out on a rolling basis until Feb 6, and was getting nervous about not having gotten one yet. Good luck to you (us)!!!

  5. AG — I agree; I have to say that I was surprised I didn’t receive an invite to interview at Fuqua. The only other schools I wasn’t invited to interview with were GSB and Haas. I didn’t think Duke was quite up there in selectivity with them, but overall, a lot of this process seems like a crapshoot! It’s hard to tell what will impress adcoms or not.

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