Waiting. Painful, painful waiting.

time-warpThe bschool application process is full of starts and stops. One second you’re frantically trying to finish your application the day before it’s due, the next second you’re doing…nothing. Just sitting around and waiting to see if you’ll get an interview invite. When that invite (hopefully) comes, you jump back to life. You schedule your appointment, research the school, look into your interviewer’s background, polish your resume walk-through. Then the interview is over, and it’s back to waiting.

Then it’s the day before decisions are released, and your heart rate increases a little. You sleep poorly the night before. The morning of, you’re suddenly aware of your phone in a way you’ve never experienced before. It’s like you’ve gained a very specific kind of spidey sense–one whose sole purpose is to connect you to your phone. Your phantom vibration syndrome reaches an inhuman level of intensity, and you think, “This is it. I’m officially losing it!”

Now that I’ve submitted all my applications and have completed all the interviews I was invited for, I’ve reached the ultimate phase of waiting. I mean, I’m really waiting now. I thought I was waiting before, but nope. Apparently, there is an even worse kind of waiting, and this is it.

I think things are supposed to get better once you have at least one offer of admission (I’m lucky enough to have two at this point), but I haven’t experienced it that way. It’s true that the playing field has extremely narrowed, but at the same time , it’s also become much more real. And with reality comes expectations. And when there’s expectations, there’s always a possibility of disappointment.

I’m still waiting to hear if Johnson will offer me any scholarship money. I’m also waiting to hear if I will be admitted to Ross. I’m also waiting to see if I will get off the Kellogg and Yale SOM waitlists. And in the meanwhile, deposit deadlines are coming up fast. Cornell’s deposit deadline is in just a couple weeks, and UCLA Anderson’s deposit deadline is a week after that (which is also when I should hear from Ross).

The only real solace I have is that everything could potentially be settled in mid-March, which is actually not that far away. But until then, things feel more up in the air and unpredictable than ever.


13 thoughts on “Waiting. Painful, painful waiting.

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  3. I know what you mean. I am accepted at a top ten school but waiting to see if I can get into a higher ranked school. I have a Wharton interview coming up and am doing everything I can to prepare!

    • Hi Inigo! Sorry for responding so late–it’s a crazy time. The answer is no. Initially, I wasn’t planning on doing any round 2 apps (except for Cornell, whose early deposit deadline coincided with other round 1 deadlines). So the juggle wasn’t too difficult. But now that I have added more schools in round 2, everything’s pretty staggered, so I knew I’d have a chance of lost deposits.

  4. Why did you withdrawn from Kellogg?
    I’m also facing that scenario, and am trying to analyze it from all angles…

    • Hi Fallen–I’m a bit behind in posts and was planning on covering this. I withdrew from the Kellogg waitlist simply because I knew I wouldn’t enroll there even if I was offered admission, mostly due to scholarship offers I have elsewhere. Additionally, the more I’ve learned about Kellogg the more I realized that it wasn’t the right fit for me, even though it’s a better school ranking-wise compared to my other offers. I was definitely curious to see if they would have admitted me eventually, but that’s not a very good reason to stay on a waitlist. So I decided to withdraw to let others have their chance.

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  6. aaah i was really hoping Yale will get you off the waiting list and we can be classmates together because i think we have a lot in common and there’ll be lots of things to talk about!

    • Well…I am technically still on the SOM waitlist, but I don’t think things are looking up for me 😦 I’ve gotten the impression that one of the key ways to get an offer off the Yale waitlist is to submit a rec from a current SOM student or alum. Unfortunately, I won’t have that. And things haven’t changed much for me since I submitted my app. I’ll know for sure what my waitlist decision is in early April, though.

  7. did you find out about Ross? I love your blog by the way and have been so anxious to see where you would land. congrats!

    • Hi friend! Thanks so much for reading. I hope my posts are somewhat helpful. I haven’t heard from Ross yet–calls started going out this morning, though, and all decisions will be released on Friday. So soon!

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