10 ways you know you’re a bschool applicant, buzzfeed-style

1. You simultaneously cannot survive with or without the GMATClub and other MBA forums.



2. You inexplicably start the process of recruiting for post-MBA jobs before you even start your first day of school.



3. Suddenly, the numbers between 700 and 800 take on a kind of heavenly aura to them.



4. Every day, you tell someone a detailed plan of your short- and long-term goals, but inside you are screaming I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!!!



5. You spend an inordinate amount of time calculating odds and computing your chances of admission knowing full well that your numbers are completely meaningless.



6. You suddenly start meeting so many awesome people with so many different backgrounds that you create a stalker-ish list in Excel to keep track of everyone.



7. You become an expert on area codes.


734: Ann Arbor!! And sometimes even area codes that aren’t provided. “Unknown” caller ID?: Ithaca!! One more loss for you, Yellow Pages.


8. You go through a Jekyll-and-Hyde mental process that goes something like this:”That guy isn’t that great, and he got into Wharton. I’m totally gonna get in!!…”that person owns her own multi-million dollar company, founded a nonprofit on the side and spends three months a year feeding starving children in Africa. I’M SCREWED!”



9. You pick up an uncanny skill to transform every weakness you have into a strength.



10. Every time you receive an email blast from the admissions office, your heart skips a beat and you wonder…is this specifically directed toward me? What does this mean???



14 thoughts on “10 ways you know you’re a bschool applicant, buzzfeed-style

  1. Hey! I got into Yale too, and I’m going there! Tell me you’re at least going to consider it?! It would be lovely to have you there!

    • CONGRATS ag!! Well, I haven’t crossed it out completely, but it will probably end up being a money-based decision in the end for me. I’m not sure if Yale has given out all scholarship decisions yet, but since I started out waitlisted I’m guessing it’s not looking too good. There’s a lot to love about SOM, though!

      • Hello MBA my way! I actually seem to have gotten same decisions as you. I got into Johnson and Yale SOM both second round. I am having a hard time deciding between the two. I really loved both!

      • But Yale has that amazing loan forgiveness program, which could totally–over the years–make up for the loss of a scholarship from Johnson!

      • Awesome, congratulations!! Did you visit both Johnson and SOM? I didn’t get a chance to visit New Haven. What are your thoughts on the differences between the two schools?

      • I did visit both during interviews! I thought New Haven had a “less small town” feel than Ithaca. I fell in love with Evans Hall which is quite different from Sage Hall but that is obviously not the key point of the b-school decision. I felt Yale SOM administration had put in a lot of effort on planning a great experience for applicants where as Johnson was less organized, yet everyone was so responsive that I essentially planned a similar experience for myself (attending an Immersion Program class, talking to students over lunch and at different clubs, etc). I am looking to go into investment banking and I took a deep look at the employment report and I can’t see too many differences in terms of the companies I am looking to recruit for, but I like the fact that New Haven is easily accessible to New York on the train which might make it easier to commute back and forth. I also an hoping to work internationally and I think Yale (not SOM but broader university) does carry a bit of a better brand awareness. I felt there was more electives at Yale despite the fact it was a small school, however I love Johnson Immersion Programs (I particularly liked the one for the career I am prepping for). I felt that Yale SOM offered more school trips (even in orientation there is a broader selection than Johnson) and that might end up playing a big part of my global exposure experience, however there was enough at Johnson to not make me feel disappointed. I felt students at both schools were really helpful during my application process. The students at Johnson even helped me with my interview prep! And the students at Yale did do a great job in meeting me one on one to share their experiences. On a very random note, I have fallen in love with the bulldog mascot… I can’t help it!

      • Interesting–I only did two on-campus interviews (Johnson and Anderson), and Johnson’s felt way more organized than Anderson’s so I was really impressed by it. Funny how things compare!

        It sounds like you’re leaning toward SOM. If you’re looking to end up in NYC for investment banking or otherwise, I could see New Haven being a real advantage. With you on the Yale name carrying more weight, too.

    • I read a suggestion somewhere about keeping track of networking contacts in Excel, though I can’t remember the source right now. I thought it was a great idea, especially since my memory skills are average, at best!

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