2nd place in Clear Admit’s “Best of Blogging” Competition

BoB-Winner-2014-1OK, this is really delayed, but a BIG thanks to everyone who voted for my blog for Clear Admit’s BoB awards! It was really exciting to receive the news that it placed second after all the votes were tallied. I’ve been overall very un-strategic about this entire blog (I never even installed Google Analytics on it…I’ve just been glancing at the stats that are automatically provided by WordPress…and I never went beyond this plain gray stock template design…the marketer in me shudders with horror), but it’s been really fun swapping stories with all of you over the last several months.

And I guess I am a dirty liar. I was really planning on continuing my posts until fall semester started, but then I had to pack all my stuff into boxes and figure out where I was going to live in Ithaca and apply for pre-MBA camps and do accounting prep work and do mbamath.com and…well, you know where this is going. I’m full of excuses!

I’ve also been doing some more self-reflection. Even though I started this process with my heart wholly set on remaining in the nonprofit sector, I’ve decided to go corporate post bschool (which will not surprise many of you, I’m sure). But I’m hoping that my foray into the corporate world will not be a permanent move. Ideally, I’d like to get the solid corporate experience it seems like I need, then re-enter the nonprofit/public sector at a senior management level further down the line. I have a few reasons for this:

  • As I previously mentioned in a frustrated post, I think there is a clear double standard when it comes to for-profit work and non-profit work, and non-profit work is valued at a much lower level. It’s funny, because when I share this thought with different people, some say “What?? That is NOT true” while others nod and say “Yeah, well, duh.” (The former response usually comes from fellow nonprofit-ers and and the latter from those in the corporate world. Shocker.) Whether that is warranted or not, it’s the framework I’m working in, so I’m going to do what I have to.
  • I have found it near impossible to transition into the corporate world on my own with my 100% nonprofit background, so I’m considering bschool my one and only chance to make the move and get corporate experience.
  • I have never had to really deal with money. There was either a static amount of grant funding or there was…no funding. Working in the corporate world will help me fill my knowledge gap about that.
  • I’m curious. Will for-profit world be that different than what I’m used to? Will everything seem so bottom-line-focused and efficient and fast from my nonprofit perspective? Will working for profit crush my soul, or when it comes down to it, will it seem like any other work day?

All in all, I hope this blog gives hope to folks with a nonprofit background out there who are applying to bschool. My biggest anxiety about the whole process was not knowing what my chances were or how adcom members would view my file. I felt like such a weirdo. But fear not–there are plenty of “weirdos” in bschool! At some schools more than others, of course. If you’re in nonprofit, I encourage you to look for schools that value your perspective instead of trying to fit you into one of their prefabricated boxes. That’s how Johnson felt to me, which is also why it feels like home.


3 thoughts on “2nd place in Clear Admit’s “Best of Blogging” Competition

  1. Awesome post! I am thoroughly involved in non-profits (as an extracurricular) for the last four years. I think you are absolutely right, and I absolutely agree with your reasoning. I can’t wait to see how you transition into corporate. (and then back!)

  2. I think this is a great idea, because when else are you going to get the chance to switch industries and try new things. That’s pretty much the whole point of an MBA, to explore new possibilities that weren’t accessible before (at least that’s how I look at it). Johnson is high up on my list too, so here’s hoping. Best of luck to you!

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